Sarica Rosso



Bottle 75 cl.

From the union of the two first born of Marco and Stefano, Sara and Federica, comes the name of this exclusive wine, created from an unusual but exciting mix of grape such as the one between Syrah and Pinot Nero: exquisite varieties that find their ideal habitat in the hills of Pergolese. The grapes ripe in the best family vineyards, exposed to the sun and refreshed by the daily breeze that caress Valle dei Laghi. The intense spiciness of Syrah perfectly matches to the mellow fragrance of Pinot Nero, for a wine that since 1994 has bever ceased to amaze.

Blend 80% Syrah, 20% Pinot Nero
Refinement 24 months in barrique
Bottle maturation 12 months
Look  deep red, purple hints
Smell intense, enwrapping, spicy-flowery
Taste cherry and sour cherry, vanilla flavoured


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