Le Part – Pinot Grigio



Bottle 75 cl.

During the last few decades Pinot Grigio has become the most common vine variety in Trentino, even if sometimes there’s not enough attention to the quality and the vocation of the territory. Despite this “industrial” drift, Pinot Grigio is a very prestigious variety, not by chance considered “the noble vine variety” in the famous Alsace. From its grape, if produced on the most suitable land, one can obtain white wines that can balance roundness and freshness, a good body and elegance. In the sandy lands of the Sarca plain it has found its home: the limited production and an accurate vinification can guarantee a wine of absolute quality.

Blend 100% Pinot Grigio
Refinement 4-5 months in steel tanks
Bottle maturation 2-3 months
Look Straw coloured yellow
Smell Fruited with fragrance of vanilla
Taste Rich, dry, persistent


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