San Siro Bianco – Chardonnay


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The Pisoni family has been producing this wine for generations; it is a blend realized with grapes coming from vineyards located at an altidude of 450 metres, on the hill of San Siro, close to the small Romanesque church that carries the same name. It is such a curated and peculiar wine that on July 23rd 1930 the bishopric of Trento recognized it as “Mess wine”, therefore as “genuine vine wine produced for the celebration of the divine sacrifice”. Chardonnay is balanced and precious, with a scent of ripe fruit and a soft and fresh sip.

Blend 100% Chardonnay
Refinement 3-4 months in steel tanks
Bottle maturation 2-3 months
Look straw yellow
Smell yielded, Golden Delicious apple
Taste delicate, fresh and yielded, ripe apple


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