Bottle 50 cl.

Mesum is a wine with an ancient flavour. Born from the grapes matured in a vineyard that faithfully reproduces the fresco of October of the “cycle of months” painted in the fourteenth century by Maestro Wenceslas on the walls of “Torre dell’Aquila”, at the Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento. A tribute to the tradition of this land and to the work of the peasants: a wine of mild sweetness, respectful of nature, faithful to a centuries-old history. In respect of the tradition told by the fresco, cement, plastic and iron wire were not used in the vineyard: only local chestnut poles and natural material. In this vineyard we fully realize our biological and biodynamic philosophy. Having planted resistant varieties, the vines do not require any phytosanitary treatment. The work is done in a completely manual way, without the use of motorized machinery. In the autumn, the grapes were hand-picked and crushed with feet. The wine has fermented and refined in an amphora of terracotta, remaining on its skins for months.

Blend 100% resistant varieties – PIWI
Refinement Maceration on the skins for 6 months in an amphora of terracotta
Bottle maturation 3-4 months
Look Golden yellow
Smell Yellow flowers, chamomile, acacia honey
Taste Pleasantly sweet, soft and full


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